Industry: Education

Education is the future of Australia

IT in Education

Education is the future of Australia.
IT plays an irreplaceable role in the education system.

IT in education is not just the hardware and software combined with simple integration. It is a way of conveying knowledge and technology, communicating among multiple parties, including teachers, students and school administrators together.

IT in education is also the tool based on modernisation and customisation to make people, societies and countries more competitive and intelligent.

Key Challenges

  • Equal educational opportunities no matter metropolitan and rural areas.
  • Information and data sharing among schools, departments of colleges and universities
  • Improvement and balance of teaching quality in different regions
  • Scattered resources and classrooms lower flexibility and efficiency
  • Expensive multiple networks and equipment that make finding and fixing problems difficult
  • Ineffective collaboration between classrooms
  • Information storage and sustainable support for ICT-based education development

Why Choose Tecco for Partner?

As a competitive IT solution provider, Tecco offers high-quality delivery capabilities within the education industry and offers an extremely Mobile Education Solution.

Features of Tecco’s Mobility Education Solutions:

Education cloud uses industry-leading cloud technologies to promote resource sharing, helping to provide equal educational opportunities and improve the balance of teaching quality in different regions.

Tecco is committed to partnering with powerful vendors worldwide and to deliver specific ICT solutions to offer clients mobility within the education industry:

  • Our technicians have VMware Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution (Air Watch) competency in designing, implementing and maintenance servicing.
  • Technicians have industry recognized certifications.
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